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Help kill bad patent applications by providing evidence of prior art. Making a difference is as simple as using Google to find literature relevant to a pending application. Follow @AskPatents for a f…
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For questions relating to the legal requirements necessary for applications to be granted a patent.
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For questions relating to the USPTO rules related to prior art or what constitute prior art. For REQUESTS FOR PRIOR ART please use the [prior-art-request] tag.
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For questions involving the creation, use, or sale of patented item without permission from the patent holder.
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Patents about software algorithms, methods implemented via computer software, and software interfaces
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Questions about patent laws and their implementation
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Questions involving patent issues across multiple countries.
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United States Patent and Trademark Office, the body which issues patents in the USA.
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The term of a patent: the amount of time during which a patent can be enforced.
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For questions related to the licensing and legal sharing of patents
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a special kind of patent that covers the ornamental design, as opposed to the workings, of a functional item.
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Questions relating to searching for or through patents and applications
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Questions specifically relating to the patent system of the United States of America.
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is used on patent applications and patents which have been successfully narrowed or rejected by the USPTO after having been the subject of a prior-art-request on Ask Patents.
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Questions about copyright as it relates to patents. Note that questions about copyright in itself are off-topic on this site.
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Invalidating a patent that has already been granted
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a mark that can be included in the description of a product to indicate that some aspects of that product is covered by a patent application that has been filed, but not yet abando…
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US patent class 707: data processing: database and file management or data structures
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US patent class 345: computer graphics processing and selective visual display systems