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I saw this patent for Medbox and I was wondering how it doesn't violate EP 2174251 B1 which is for a medicine dispensing machine called Pyxis Medstation. They are similar machines however one dispenses pharmaceuticals while the other dispenses marijuana. But they both dispense medicine. Don't see much of the distinction.

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A patent only gives its owner the right to exclude others from using or making an invention. Applying for a similar patent is not patent infringement. So, for example, if you patented bread, I can still patent a peanut butter and jelly sandwich--I'm just not allowed to make or use one with bread. So now if either of us want to make a PB&J, one of us has to get permission from the other (I need your permission to use bread and you need my permission to make the whole sandwich).

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They are both locked boxes for holding medicine that communicate with a remote computer system. Otherwise the claimed inventions do not seem to have a lot to do with each other. On skimming the claims, I see that one is a secure, patient identifying, vending machine and the other is tied into a hospital's patient admitting/ discharging system to be sure the left over drugs go back to the pharmacy when the patient is discharged. I did only skim them so if I have missed something please comment on the specific overlap.

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