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Has patent application 20130025039 Been granted a patent?

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No, it has not. Its status, available on public PAIR, is:

Status: Docketed New Case - Ready for Examination

It has not been searched or examined yet.

The USPTO has a web accessible system call PAIR (patent application information retrieval). Via Public PAIR one can look up the status of a published patent application. If it is from mid 2003 or later, it possible to see all of the documents in the file including the back-and-forth between the applicant and the examiner. There is also a continuity tab. This will show parent and child applications that, themselves, may have resulted in issued patents.

PAIR is not very user-friendly. Do not have commas in the number. If you search by publication number be sure to set radio button to that option.

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Could you flesh out this answer a bit to explain how to find this information for folks who may have this question about other patents? That way we have the canonical answer to all questions "has {X} been issued a patent?" –  Robert Cartaino Feb 13 '13 at 17:07

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