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I have an idea which involves enzyme manipulation. My concern is about ownership. I understand that if I file for a patent that it would be in my name. I have a friend who has a lab that could setup trials and do the necessary lab work to get things to testing stage. My query is about ownership when he is helping with the research setup. How does one go about setting this up so that full ownership of the idea stays mine? Do I consider some kind of royalties to him? Thank you Frank

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Thanks Frank, this question is probably off-topic for the site. I can give you part of a response in the spirit of explaining the US patent system, something that is on-topic. Determining inventorship can be tricky but someone just providing resources would not be a co-inventor. They need to make a conceptual contribution. Now if you thought a future collaborator might make a conceptual contribution you could, in advance, have a written agreement with them to sign over any rights they might have to you. –  George White Jun 24 '13 at 22:38
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