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I am collecting database of Russian companies patents in Oil & Gas + Metallurgy sectors for my Thesis. I am measuring the impact of patents' quality to the financial performance of the firms. Basically I need the following information:

  • Publication date
  • Number of Forward Citations
  • Number of Backward Citations
  • Patent family (in which offices patent was issued?)
  • Legal status – invalid, valid etc. (and date, when patent became

Where number of citations and patent family are indicators of the quality. Also if patent became invalid soon after issue – that speaks that the quality was not good and company is not willing to prolong it.

I need to collect all patents during the period of 2000-2012. I also do not count subsidiaries patents, because it will complicate the task significantly.

I am struggling to collect this data.

I am using EPO service. Okay, it searches for patents, but I am unable to export data for citations, patent family and legal status (normally it would export it, but I suppose something wrong with the version for Russian Patents). That's why I have to collect all data manually, and open each patent, look for citations etc. Could you suggest a better way? Maybe it is possible to write script for this? I found API of EPO, so maybe I can do a custom query? https://developers.epo.org

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