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US5892959, US5799198,US5758175, US5710929

I am searching for prior art before 31 Dec 1996 to invalidate these patents and have not had much luck. Vadem Corporation /St.Clair are involved in a number of patent suits. Thanks in advance.

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Aditi, AskPatents is an online service in Q&A format where users help find prior art on US Patent Applications and US Patents and ask questions about the US Patent process. What you are looking for is called a prior art request here at Ask Patents. We have found that using a standard format elicits the best response from the community. A template and an example is here: PRIOR ART REQUEST. Sorry for any confusion. –  Micah Siegel Aug 17 '13 at 20:46
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This question is missing information necessary to easily research this patent application. Please add missing information to this prior art request, including: a patent number, at least one independent claim, a priority date (the date before which the prior art is needed) and a plain English description of the independent claim. See the prior art request template for more information and an example.

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