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I am looking to contact a person who patented something. I am really interested in the vehicle covering system patent (US8430444) and would like to contact the inventor. Is there any way to get their contact information?

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I'm answering this question as a general guide on how to access contact information for patents that have issued, and applications that have published. Following these steps you can find the contact information on record.

  1. Go to Public Pair: http://portal.uspto.gov/pair/PublicPair
  2. Input the Patent Number, Publication Number, or Application Number. You probably won't be searching by PCT Number or Control Number.
  3. Now you can click on the tab that says "Address and Attorney/Agent." This will give you the contact information for the Attorney or Agent that prosecuted the case before the USPTO. Or, you can go to the "Image File Wrapper" tab and look for the document entitled "Oath or Declaration filed." There you should find the inventor's name and address. In this case it is on the third page of the document. Alternatively, under the "Image File Wrapper" you could search for the "Application Data Sheet," and the inventor name and address is on the first page.
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