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Issued US Patent No: 6,960,316 Injection-molded plastic container or closure with turned-under rim and method of injection-molding same

I am searching for any help locating prior art for the afore mentioned Patent. I have been producing a product since 1995 for which I am now being attacked due to a 2002 Patent and a troll.

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This question is missing information necessary to easily research this patent application. Please add missing information to this prior art request, including: a patent number, at least one independent claim, a priority date (the date before which the prior art is needed) and a plain English description of the independent claim. See the prior art request template for more information and an example.

As long as it has the patent # and states that the poster is looking for help finding prior art it has enough information to "properly research" the patent reference. –  George White Sep 18 '13 at 17:19

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Isn't your 1995 product prior art to this patent filed in 2002? Did Sorenson R&D provide a draft claim chart in which it attempted to read the patent onto your product? That would be quite useful to you and several others if it did.

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