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AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON selecting zero power allocations for mobile data communication - This application from Nokia, Inc. seeks to patent the idea of selecting a bit sequence as a zero power allocation sequence for a user equipment. 10 minutes of your time can help narrow US patent applications before they become patents. Follow @askpatents on twitter to help.

QUESTION - Have you seen anything that was published before 5/11/2005 that discusses:

  • sending zero power allocation instructions to user equipment (from among a set of possible power allocations across mobile devices)

If so, please submit evidence of prior art as an answer to this question. We welcome multiple answers from the same individual.

EXTRA CREDIT - using E-DPDCH/DPCCH power ratio signaling bits.

TITLE: Signaling of zero/full power allocation for high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA)

Summary: [Translated from Legalese into English] N/A

  • Publication Number: US7965679 and EP1880483b1
  • Application Number: US 11/432,980
  • Assignee: Nokia, Inc.
  • Prior Art Date: Seeking prior Art predating 5/11/2005
  • Link to Google Prior Art Search - "Find Prior Art"

Claim 1 requires each and every step below:

A method for operating a network element comprising:

  1. Scheduling a user equipment for an uplink packet transmission on a wireless data channel;

  2. Selecting a zero power allocation from a plurality of power allocations, each of the plurality of the power allocations corresponding to a unique bit sequence, one of the unique bit sequences being associated with the zero power allocation and a remainder of the unique bit sequences being associated with data channel/control channel power ratios; and

  3. Transmitting to the user equipment a power control message that includes the selected zero power allocation for the scheduled uplink packet transmission.

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