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In EP 0 702 555, claim 1 states "The use of compound of formula (1)

enter image description here (1)

[...]for the manufacture of a medicament for the curative treatment of impotence."

So the claim, and claims 2-9 therein, which refer to claim 1, define the compound by its structure (1). In claim 10, then, they claim a method to treat impotence using an effective amount of a cGMP PDE inhibitor.

In the decision (sorry, don't know where to find it), apparently claim 10 was not granted because of "incomplete disclosure", meaning it's not clear to the expert given common knowledge what the inhibitor should be.

Why is it not clear that the inhibitor from claim 10 is the one described in claims 1-9?

In the EPC, where is it said that all claims have to include all information also given in previous claims?

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