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I wondering if there's a service you use to print patent entries in a decorative/commerative manner - full text and images. My grandfather submitted US3281099 and I thought if I can have a 'keepsake' copy made it would be a nice gift to my mom.

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As far as I know the USPTO does not does sell commemorative patent plaques. However, there are a number of companies which will create engraved plaques and various other certificates based on US Patents.

Start with a Google Search.

We have had good luck creating gifts for friends with patents engraved on metal and mounted on solid walnut from a company called

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While @ryan is asking about an old patent, I think it is worth stating for others that several of these companies specifically advertise to new patent recipients. If you obtain a patent, you will get (very official-looking) mail congratulating you and offering to sell plaques, certificates, or other displayable items. – mbmcavoy Dec 12 '13 at 0:40

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