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My question is whether the independent claims (1, 6, 18) and their dependent claims can be used to stop anyone to implement a video player with a main window for a digital movie playback and a child window for displaying an icon image list of selected frames from the digital movie, where the image list is based on a list of frame numbers selected by the user or created by the movie player software?

In other words, does the following software device infringed upon the patent?

This software device consists of: 1. a main window for previewing a digital movie; 2. a child window for displaying a list of selected frames, where: 2.1. when a user using a mouse to click an icon image, the player in the main window will jump to the corresponding frame; 2.2. the list of selected frames can be created manually by a user using a pointing device (e.g., mouse), automatically by a function within the software, or externally read by the software from a text file containing a set of numbers.

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Welcome to Ask Patents! I do see any mention of the number of the patent document you are referring to. You may have reach Ask Patents via a link on google patents but that hasn't resulted in the number of the document you were looking at being added to the post. Feel free to edit your post and add the patent or application number. –  George White Jan 5 at 21:52

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