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wo2013026156a1 This seems like an interesting concept but there are no drawings. Will the patent be awarded? Have prototypes been submitted? Are they looking for a manufacturer?

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Welcome to Ask Patents. You may have reached us from a "discuss this patent" link on google patents but it is not a direct path to communicate with the inventors or applicants. Only the applicant would know the answer to some of your questions. – George White Jan 14 '14 at 1:35

This is a PCT (international) application. I am assuming you found this on google patents. Unlike for U.S. patent documents, they do not show the drawings or provide a button to download a PDF. However you will see links to get to this document on Patentscope, the WPIO search site. enter image description here

The summary shows a drawing but to see them all you need to go to the drawing tab. There you will see: enter image description here

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