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I am from India and want to apply for patent from uspto with or without the help of lawyer whichever can fasten the process.

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For U.S. national filings the USPTO treats all inventors the same regardless of their location or citizenship. That is actually required by international treaty. The goal is for the average time from application submittal to grant to be about three years. There are several ways to accelerate the process. If one of the inventors is very ill or over 65 a free acceleration can be granted. Also, there is prioritized examination which requires an extra payment. –  George White Feb 19 at 19:16

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The US Patent Office has a Procedure known as both "Track I" and Prioritized Examination. That is currently the most effective way to accelerate through the process. If everything works smoothly, that process takes about 9 months from the day you file your application to the day that the patent issues. The fee for prioritized examination is $2,000 for small entities, $1,000 for micro entities, and $4,000 for large entities.

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Be aware of the law in India (your attorney can help you with that). I vaguely recall that Indian citizens must first file in India before filing in other countries. This is the case with US citizens, I believe. For US citizens, the PTO grants a foreign filing license after you file in the US.

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