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Is there a way to get international protection when registering for a provisional patent?

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There is no such thing as international protection in the sense of world-wide protection. Each country issues its own patents based on its own patent laws and its patents are enforceable only in its courts. There are regional bodies like the EPO for Europe that offer the possibility to go through a single examination and end up with patents issued by several countries. And there are many international treaties that are helpful to someone who wants protection in more than a single country.

The closest thing to international protection is a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) application. Filing a PCT application gives someone the ability to eventually file that application's content in over 140 countries. Each location will later need to be separately addressed (money and an examination procedure) to get any rights. PCT applications can get priority from a provisional application if the PCT application is filed with one year of the provisional application's filing.

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Thanks for the response George! much appreciated i'll consider it definitely. –  Matt Mar 23 at 1:15
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