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Suppose I have a claim

A method of user initiated song play, comprising:

receiving, using a data processing apparatus, from a user a request to play a song comprising a song title, an artist name and song volume;

conducting, using a data processing apparatus, a poll for listener preference of said song;

receiving, using a data processing apparatus, from listeners their preferences for said song;

playing said song on an output device;

receiving payment from said user.

Assuming nobody has thought of this before I need some advice on what all needs to be covered in the specification and any suggestions on improvement of the claim.

  1. 'receiving payment from said user'. How much detail need there be in the specification? Will this cover receiving payment through mail?

  2. 'data processing apparatus', how to conduct poll are covered.

  3. How do I say the song is played only when the poll results satisfy some condition ( an example of such condition is also covered in the specification )

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