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We are looking to possibly license and commercialize the patent. We are wondering about the cost of construction of the invention?

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Hi, AskPatents is an online service in Q&A format where users help find prior art on specific US Patent Applications and ask questions about the US Patent process. Questions about product availability are outside the scope of Ask Patents. Please see faq for more information about which topics are on topic for Ask Patents and feel free to resubmit. Sorry for any confusion. –  Micah Siegel Apr 15 at 18:24
You may be referring to a particular patent but have not provided the number. –  George White Apr 23 at 3:15

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You are asking several questions but I will assume you are asking the cost of filing and prosecuting an utility patent application solely in the US.(Note you may also need a design patent, and various trademarks for licensing) First you should know that different categories are priced differently due to complexity and the prior art search type involved before filing. Generally, in increasing ordering of cost, mechanical < medical device

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