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I am a retired scientist (>50 patents) with expertise in nanotechnology formulation for the delivery of small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA). Before my retirement I invented and reduced to practice the invention only to find that several other names were included in the US Patent application and PCT.

As sole inventor of the invention I have refused to sign the declaration statement to the company. Since the invention is still in the application stage with PTO, I am considering filing an application with PTO to alert patent office to potential interference issues. I like expert patent attorney to help me out. Thanks.

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This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about patents, but is shopping for an attorney. –  Ron J. Apr 16 at 12:54
If you signed over your invention rights to the company then there would be no monetary benefit to trying to get the inventorship straightened out. You get nothing either way. –  George White Apr 22 at 23:55

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