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I've created a wireless parking space sensor using a specific microcontroller and other components. I'm sure the same components used can be utilized in a different manner by others just with a change of firmware so I was wondering, what exactly is patentable? Would it be the combination of components with dimensions of PCB board? Would it be just the firmware programmed on the microcontroller? Would it be the specific purpose for the combination of components and firmware? Thank you.

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The list of part numbers and the size of the board would not define an invention. You might think of it at a block diagram level. A complete system can be patentable, a method of accomplishing something specific with the device might be patentable. The specific micro controller isn't very relevant unless you are able to do something with a very slow, cheap part that others can only do with a very expensive part, for example. –  George White Apr 24 at 20:57

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