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Recently we published one application in Google Play. This is our first experience. But my manager asked me to check whether our application name has already been taken by someone/whether the name has a patent. This seems wired to me.

So, I did a search and come up with one information, like Until your application get famous and earning lots of money, ignore about patent. No body will attack you.

But I don't know exactly which apps names are under patent. How can I find the list of all patent apps? Or Google will send us some information if the name has already been patent etc.

What's your opinion/experiences ?

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Thanks for your interest in patent information, but the AskPatents/StackExchange style is Q and A, not opinion/discussion. To search for patents, try google.com/patents –  Ron J. May 19 at 13:02

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It sounds like you are asking about a trademark (e.g. name of a product). You can do a US trademark search at www.uspto.gov

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