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PATENT: WO2013110942A1 QikServe Limited

According to what I find on the internet, this patent is not (yet) granted. Which means at this moment, anyone with the same idea could start his/her own business (?).

But, what if the patent where to be granted in (for example) 2 years. Will this second company (which will then exist 2 years) be brought down by the law because of this patent?

They also filed in an European Patent Application, I heard from someone, that if only ONE European country denies that patent, that it automatically will be denied for the other countries. An alternative would be to patent the idea in each seperate country, but this costs way more than an overall EPO. So can I hope that the patent will be denied by one country and therefore start my own business? Or is there something else I could do in order not to be sued afterwards?

I've got an idea that is similary patented like Qikserve's application patent. The application is published, but so far no European country has (yet) granted it.

Do you know something about it? Please inform me with your wiseness!

Kind regards

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What's the status with this patent when it comes to Europe? –  Alessandra Ambrosio Mar 27 at 11:36

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