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Pardon me if this is not the right place for this question!

I am an individual and I have this new site coming up. I have brought the domain name and hosting space and site works perfectly. I plan to launch it as a social platform where people can interact or such things like other social sites.

My question is do, i need to register this somewhere else or as a company or something like that to any government authority before moving ahead with the promotion of the site?

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Operating a website isn't regulated by the US government (assuming you're in the US), but it is a good idea to have legal user privacy information relevant to your country, privacy policy etc.

For social websites its more important - for example if you share their information incorrectly, or don't remove what they ask, they could take you to civil court.

Also there may be local regulations to consider, such as in the EU, you'll often see a tracking disclaimer to the user before setting cookies.

There maybe some tax obligations (or benefits) to declare, depending on if you're planning to make money. But this is in relation to your company not the website ownership/operation.

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