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Sites like HalfBakery and this shared Google Doc act as open repositories for potentially patentable inventions. In effect, these sites act as anti-patent databases because the inventions are never pursued, but are available as prior art in the public domain. Is there currently a site or service that aggregates all of these different open repositories into one location?

share|improve this question has done some work in this direction, but there is no centralized database that I'm aware of.

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Don't know of a centralized database. Yet another resource is They have have a defensive publication service. You have to pay to publish there, but you'll have the benefit of a more trustworthy documentation system.

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Research Disclosure have been offering this kind of defensive publication service for a long time.

Research Disclosure is included in the PCT minimum documentation list, the major patent authorities are required to search the archive when examining patent applications.

It's a paid service but if you're looking to create an effective block against future patents it's a good solution.

2 min intro to defensive publication strategy ::

website ::

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Note that I believe publishes their materials into the RD database, so there may be a two-birds, one-stone solution there. – Luis Oct 29 '12 at 22:22

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