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I have developed a digital network, like a social network, and am working on the business plan now. It's a global network and I live in Australia. After I have proven it in my home country it will be a priority to roll it out in the US and Europe, before addressing other countries.

My question is this - Is there any benefit in filing in the US and Europe at this early stage, or will an Australian Provisional Application do the trick?

My understanding is that if I make a Provisional Application in Australia, I can then use Patent Pending on my idea, and I have twelve months to decide if I want to file in those other countries.

I'll get a patent lawyer to look it over before I file it, but I want to do the majority of the work myself if possible.

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FYI: Software per se, is not patentable in NZ, Europe, Russia, India..... –  arober11 Mar 24 at 14:27

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