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I have two questions. I have an idea for innovative web browser. The web browser has multiple inventions. I am planning to write two different provisional patents for it to cover the multiple inventions. Is it okay to have some of the features be the same for both provisional patent applications? The feature is innovative (such that it could be independent claim) but it is not the defining invention or features. Second question is I have to define and name a lot of things in the invention. Can I use the some of same terms and definitions for both provisional patent inventions?

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There is no requirement or expectation of a 1-1 correspondence between provisional and non-provisonal applications. You can put it all in one provisional and then file 5 non-provisonals that each claim the benefit of that one provisional. Also you can keep serially filing provisionals as you modify, expand and improve your invention and then file one non-provisonal that claims the benefit of any of them that are in the 1 year time window. –  George White Jun 20 '14 at 21:16

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