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Don't be fooled. Google's patent tool has some gaps. This patent was the subject of an ex parte re-exam and many of the claims were cancelled, amended, and some claims were added. If you look at this patent on the USPTO's website, it actually shows that a re-exam certificate was issued and should be reviewed. However, on Google that does not appear. Google users beware!

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You don't mention the patent number in the post. In any case, when the USPTO publishes something, it is not a live document. If you ordered a certified copy of any issued patent you would get exactly what was published the day it came out. It there was a certificate of correction issued, it would be stapled to the back of the patent. There is nothing for google or any other patent database to update, unless they have a section of ancillary information related to the patent document above and beyond the published document that purport to be up to date status information. –  George White Jun 26 at 1:09
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