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Bayer CropScience team claimed different patents from 2009 and 2014 on biological control of soil microorganisms using bacterial agents these findings were not original and are already published. A Tunisian patent including similar claims is protecting a Tunisian biological product using Bacillus synergetic action. You can find this patent at INNORPI TUNISIA (Patent number 18878 deposit on the 22nd November 2004 under the number SN04228) concerning an inventive composition effective on nematodes, fungi and enhancing the root system of plant. We believe that Bayer is coping our finding on bacterial effectiveness on the soil organisms. My question is how can I proceed to get back my priority right, if Bayer did not reply to my repetitive amiable calsl for collaboration in this field? Prof. MM B’CHIR @mail: skander280447@yahoo.com

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Patents are geographical in nature -- so if your prior patent is Tunisia only it will only cover your rights in Tunisia. If you believe the patent is valid outside that jurisdiction you will need to seek protection those places citing your initial patent for priority date. –  Soren Aug 16 '14 at 23:38

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