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Anything else other than the list at the bottom?

I have to do a lot of software patent applications for a hi-tech startup. Management wants 100 this year.

For software patents of our embedded product with firmware, inter-system communication, and backend computers, the present major sections of each application are:

Major sections of a software patent application:


What's missing?

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Um, are you a patent agent or attorney? I'm not, but those don't look anything like the fields I would expect to see in a patent. I'm also in the United States, so I suppose that could be different. But a patent should consist of an Abstract, a Specification, Claims, and Drawings.

I could be totally misunderstanding your question, and I'll gladly remove or adjust this answer if I am. But assuming you're looking to file a non-provisional for it, those are the main parts you'll have to worry about.

If you look up MPEP on the USPTO.gov site, you'll find a list of the things you need.

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Are you filing in the U.S.? If so, then you can find the major headings in either the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure1.

Generally, I recommend using the headings provided in the Manual and adding any others that make sense to help the reader understand in the invention. Often I add Definitions section and an Examples section (if the invention involves experimental descriptions).

You have a lot of latitude in how you write the application.

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