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How exactly this device is detecting all kind of EM waves? There is a cat whisker in it which is nothing but a diode.But how exactly does its resistance change for different EM waves frequencies? Does galena crystal have the property to change resistance for various frequencies?

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It would be helpful to get a reference to the patent you are asking questions about -- also if there is a question about the actual physics of a patent you may consider to ask a scientific question on physics.stackexchange.com –  Soren Jul 8 at 15:27
As a teaser question -- does an invention have to work to be patentable? –  Soren Aug 11 at 14:56
Hi, Ask Patents is a website to ask about the patent process or to help find Prior Art on US Patent Applications and US Patents. Unfortunately, questions about the underlying technology covered by these patents is outside the scope of this site. –  Robert Cartaino 2 hours ago

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