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I heard you can request the examiner formulate one claim for you. When is this a good idea?

If the goal of a patent is to merely document the existence of some novelty without trying to claim the world while you are at it, can an examiner's claim speed the process along?

If you never intend to prosecute your patent can an examiner's claim make granting more likely?

I assume if the examiner writes that one claim for you it is pretty darn narrow right?

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Examiners spend all day reading claims, writing them is a different skill, especially if you are looking out for the inventors rights. I do not think they need to put your rights ahead of their interests. Yes it will be narrow and can have any number of fatal flaws. If they do not understand your invention they may not see anything patentable in your appellation or may write a claim that has nothing to do with what you think the invention really is about. It will speed the process. –  George White Jul 10 '14 at 6:07

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