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Last year, I submitted a provisional utility application with one other person. We're now trying to file the non-provisional through EFS-Web as an unregistered eFiler, but I'm a little confused about some requirements.

I have the following PDF documents: - specification w/ cross reference to related application - drawings - ADS generated through EFS-Web (WebADS) w/ s-signatures - 2 declarations (AIA/01) w/ s-signatures - 2 certifications of micro entity status (SB15a) w/ s-signatures

Here are my main concerns:

  • Do I have the correct forms? Are any missing?

  • Is it ok for the specification to include the claims and abstract, or should these be in separate files?

  • Do we need to do anything else to properly reference the provisional application? Is there a separate form?

  • Is it ok that we've used s-signatures? Do we need to use scanned signatures for any of these forms?

  • I saw a warning regarding Certification and Authorization form PTO/SB/69. We didn't file an international application. Does this form apply to us?

Thank so much for any help.

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