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Is this patent US3340378 the same as US3099738 the one my father John M Sadowski invented. My father invented this and filed in march 7, 1963 and I hope you can live with yourself for taking the credit for something you did not invent! I call people like you cowards!!!

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Welcome to Ask Patents. This is not a way to directly communicate with the inventor or owner of a patent. It is a good place to ask questions about the patent system. Unlike many places on the internet we try not to speak to each other by name calling. –  George White Jul 19 at 3:29

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Both patents have expired decades ago. The latter patent that you think might have Ben taking credit for your dad's in fact cited your dad's patent as something he knew of and brought to the attention of the USPTO. Nonetheless the second one was granted so I assume that there was a difference in what was claimed. Below is a screen shot of the google/patent page where it shows your dad's earlier patent citedenter image description here at the bottom of the list.

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