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I'm a solution engineer

I'm a self-taught programmer. More accurately, I'm a 19 year old who enjoys thinking, planning projects, developing applications, and designing user interfaces instead of watching tv and going to bars / parties every night.

I'm sort of a rebel

I dropped out of college after my first semester to pursue my interests in product development, without the distractions of other subjects/students. Now I write code and develop my own products, through my own company, and I get to wake up at like.. 10 AM. So it's great. Google is my textbook and Stack Exchange is my university.

I like great design

I enjoy the power of code, but my interest really lies in the beauty and functionality of the products through a consumer's eyes. My goal is closer to that of a designer than a programmer: I wish to build powerful infrastructures, but only to empower the beauty and style of the interface controlling it. I envision something that looks and feels great to use, and can't let it go until it's done.

I'm an innovationist

I'm excited by genius. Genius in my eyes is when a person can introduce a solution to the world that it didn't know it wanted. Genius people innovate. They take a new idea, and turn it into something inherently useful. Something that the world didn't even know it wanted. And just like that, the world changes. History is made. The quality of life for all people is improved.

I believe in suffering to win

I played basketball for a few years in high school, and that's when I was taught, by a very driven coach, the most important lesson of my life: Pain is the key to success. If you are willing to experience more mental pain than your opponent, you will win. It's not about the physical pain. It's the mental pain, the determination, and drive to succeed, that determines whether you're a winner or a loser. And it's not that losers are bad people. I just don't want one on my team.

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