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Lior Kogan

I am a solution architect, a software architect, an algorithms researcher, a data scientist and a hands-on developer (C++, R). Over the last 20 years I've been designing and developing software and systems for both startups and big companies as a hands-on developer, team leader, development manager, project manager, researcher, CTO, solution architect and principal architect.

I consider software development a craft that mixes engineering, science and art, and as an utmost form of self expression.

Comparing software languages to musical instruments, C is the harpsichord, C++ is the piano, and C# and java are electronic synthesizers. I would choose the piano!

Enjoying a grand piano (C++ 11/14/17), I'm playing Classical music (that's mathematics and algorithms). Sometimes Jazz. When needed, I'll play Big band, or even Acid. I'll leave Rave for others.