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B. Clay Shannon

I am "½ Cowboy and ½ Indian" and a native Californian (in more ways than one). I have lived in eight states and visited all but Hawaii. In chronological order, those I've lived in (and returned to) are: California (birth, 1958), New York (1978), California (1979), Montana (1981), California (1982), Alaska (1984), California (1984), Oklahoma (1987), California (1987), Wisconsin (1997), Idaho (2000), Wisconsin (2001), Missouri (2004), Wisconsin (2004), California (2012)

California Counties: Mendocino, Humboldt, Trinity, Santa Clara, Calaveras, Monterey

Books I've written can be obtained here (most are free downloads). Those attributed to my birth name are nonfiction; those where I use my "nom de guerre" ("Blackbird Crow Raven") are fiction.

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