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Can a sci-fi technology be submitted as prior art?

In response to a question related to multi-touch user interfaces this answer states: Prior art as published Multi-touch computer pads were used throughout the television show Star Trek: The ...

prior-art science-fiction  
asked by Ondrej Tucny 35 votes
answered by Andrew Steer 32 votes

Can some explain "inter partes review" and "ex parte reexamination"?

Can someone explain what "inter partes review" and "ex parte reexamination" are when challenging patents with prior art?

prior-art law post-grant-review  
asked by Jérôme Verstrynge 6 votes
answered by Dennis Crouch 9 votes

How can I protect a new form of physical fitness, using conventional workout routines and moves, on an non-conventional surface?

How do I protect two new ideas for getting fit? The work outs themselves are, for the most part, common practice in gyms during floor routines, aerobic classes, and step workouts. Only the surfaces on ...

patentability copyright inventorship  
asked by Laurie 3 votes
answered by vallismortis 2 votes

Prior art for Apple's Magsafe

Having read through the claims of Magsafe patent #7311526, I am not sure how it differs from previous examples of magnetic power connectors. What exactly is the novelty being claimed in that ...

patentability apple novelty us7311526  
asked by Jess 16 votes
answered by vt. 11 votes

What does it mean if a patent's status is expired and grant?

I am looking to add a product to my online business but want to make sure I am not infringing any patents. Dog shoes have so many styles it is very confusing. Please see below: Date App/Pub Number ...

expired grant  
asked by Chelle Padriga 3 votes
answered by chempatent1981 4 votes

CALL FOR PRIOR ART: (Nintendo) Object transparency based on distance in virtual environment

TITLE: Computer-Readable Storage Medium, Information Processing System, And Information Processing Method App Number: 13/028,329 Publication Number: US 2012/0146993 A1 Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd. ...

prior-art-request pre-grant computer-graphics us20120146993 three-dimension  
asked by PHOSITA 17 votes
answered by Geoff 13 votes

Is it legal to sell patented product in another country?

I'd like to begin reselling a patented product, in a country other than the one it's patented in. Could I get in trouble for selling it? Does the answer change if we talk about a replica of the ...

international freedom-to-operate  
asked by yee 1 vote
answered by RichS 4 votes
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