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Top new questions this week:

Question regarding patent inventors identity

What are the reliable ways to justify to a third party that the inventor of an USPTO granted patent (i.e. linked in google patents) is actually me (given that I am the real inventor)? Update: As Eric ...

inventorship inventor identifying  
asked by Sazzad Hissain Khan 1 vote
answered by Eric S 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Photography lighting (Amazon) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

sorry to ask this but unless I've missed something fundamental in that massively overly complicated and distracting description of a setup that, with probably small adjustments in lighting positions, ...

prior-art-request post-grant amazon us8676045  
asked by user8564 25 votes
answered by Will Rutledge 11 votes


HELP SAVE HOME AUDIO - This application from Creative Labs seeks to patent the general idea of a self-calibrating audio systems! Help narrow US patent applications before they become patents.... HERE! ...

prior-art-request pre-grant us20130051572 speaker-calibration  
asked by user4068 7 votes
answered by Phonon 5 votes

do I need submit the code for software patent?

My patent application describes software method. I wrote the code just to test it. It is stripped down embodiment, as real things would be more complex and depending on particular implementation. All ...

asked by Pol99 2 votes
answered by Subhasmita Baro 3 votes

I had invented and published before this patent application - How do I get it invalidated?

In reference to the patent: PCT/GB2014/051152 WO 2014/170646 A1 granted and pending patents: GB1307148.5, GB1500104.3 and GB1500105.0 to What3Words Limited: Here is the screenshot from the video I had ...

prior-art third-party-submission wo2014170646a1 gb1307148.5 us9883333b2  
asked by Ujjwal Singh 28 votes
answered by Eric S 4 votes

Is the Domino's Pizza Tracker actually patent pending?

4 years ago Domino's launched the "pizza tracker". It has since then said "Patent Pending" on the tracker image. Is this actually patent pending? Any chance they would actually get the patent? ...

patentability software pre-grant patent-pending consumer-food  
asked by Pizza Man 2 votes
answered by pageman 5 votes

Protecting a User Interface: Design Patent and/or Copyright

I have been reading that it is possible to file Design Patent(s) and Copyright applications on top of non-provisional utility filings. To my understanding (I am an engineer so please bear with me :) ...

patentability design-patent copyright  
asked by Chris 8 votes
answered by Mark Nowotarski 5 votes


This call for prior art is part of EFF's effort to bust a patent being asserted against podcasting. Read more about the initiative here. Help narrow US patent applications before they become patents ...

prior-art-request us8112504 post-grant  
asked by Daniel Nazer 38 votes
answered by Kevan 12 votes
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