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what is the difference between an EP patent (or publication) and a patent published in Europe?

I'm trying to understand the difference between a patent published in europe (or a publication with any country code) and an EP publication (published in EPO). What is the difference between ...

international wipo epo  
asked by YSY 3 votes
answered by Paul Guyot 3 votes

Is the Domino's Pizza Tracker actually patent pending?

4 years ago Domino's launched the "pizza tracker". It has since then said "Patent Pending" on the tracker image. Is this actually patent pending? Any chance they would actually get the patent? ...

patentability software pre-grant patent-pending consumer-food  
asked by Pizza Man 2 votes
answered by pageman 5 votes

What is a difference between System Claims and Method Claims?

In many countries, system claims are treated differently as compared to method claims. I wish to understand - What is difference between system and method claims? Generally speaking, in what ...

asked by Vijayendra 5 votes
answered by George White 5 votes

Software Patents: Claiming as a METHOD vs as a SYSTEM?

Software patents could be described in claims as methods or as systems. One cannot claim damages for infringement of METHODS until the method is used (e.g. when the software is run). But, one can ...

software claims method system  
asked by stackonfire 7 votes
answered by George White 7 votes

Download progress animation (Nintendo) - Allowed Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Information App Number: 13/297,604 Publication Number: US 20120120094 A1 - Patent Allowed May 15, 2013 Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd. Prior Art Cutoff Date: predating November 17, 2010 Summary: A ...

prior-art-request post-grant animation us20120120094 nintendo  
asked by PHOSITA 10 votes
answered by jom 10 votes

How best to patent idea while working for company?

I have an idea I would like to patent. I have not started working on the idea yet (and I'll swear to that in court). How best to keep my job without losing my intellectual property rights? The idea ...

law filing ownership intellectual-property  
asked by SecretSquirrel 3 votes
answered by kinkfisher 1 vote

How can I protect a new form of physical fitness, using conventional workout routines and moves, on an non-conventional surface?

How do I protect two new ideas for getting fit? The work outs themselves are, for the most part, common practice in gyms during floor routines, aerobic classes, and step workouts. Only the surfaces on ...

patentability copyright inventorship  
asked by Laurie 3 votes
answered by vallismortis 2 votes
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