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Top new questions this week:

Legal effect of Tesla pledge "All Our Patent Are Belong To You"

In 2014 Tesla issued an announcement "All Our Patent Are Belong To You". A question was posted recently on regarding this. My question, that may or may not be on-topic here, is ...

asked by George White 1 vote
answered by the Europeist 2 votes

Dealing directly with USPTO

I received the First Office Action from my patent attorney but I do not want to use him anymore, how can I deal with USPTO directly and what should I do?

asked by Mfaw 1 vote
answered by George White 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Scaling based on pixel density (Microsoft) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

In 2013, this Patent Application has received a final rejection by the US Patent Office. The rejection was based in part on prior art found by Ask Patents community below! The main reference cited by ...

prior-art-request pre-grant microsoft rejected us20130063492  
asked by PHOSITA 62 votes
answered by Joel Spolsky 75 votes

Is it practical for a novice to successfully file a patent without hiring a patent lawyer?

I am an undergraduate student in the US, and have come up with a (hopefully) patentable idea independently of my studies. The upside of that is the university cannot claim any rights to my invention; ...

filing process patent-agent pro-se  
asked by nhinkle 46 votes
answered by user96 23 votes

How detailed should a provisional patent application be? (Software)

I am considering filing for a provisional patent which deals with mobile and web technologies. Now this is a method to do something. But how detailed do I go? Right now, I have something working in ...

software filing provisional android provisional-application  
asked by Ayrton Senna 6 votes
answered by Dennis Crouch 9 votes

What is the difference between the filing and priority date, since it is the same date for this invention?

In reference to the patent: US634042

filing priority  
asked by Luciana 1 vote
answered by DonQuiKong 1 vote

URL pointing to time of video (Google) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

This Patent Application received a non-final rejection by the US Patent Office that was based in part on Ask Patents contributions! An initial rejection is part of the typical course of a patent ...

prior-art-request pre-grant google rejected us20100251120  
asked by Marc Gravell 32 votes
answered by Nick Telford 25 votes

What is a continuation patent?

I understand that a continuation patent builds upon an existing patent (or application) by the same inventor. However, I find some aspects to be murky and prone to misuse. Specific questions follow: ...

prior-art patent-misuse claims continuation  
asked by Ron J. 10 votes
answered by Ron J. 5 votes

Relational Database - Using Objects to Access A Relational Database (DataTern) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

DataTern has Patent No. 5,937,402 on using objects to access a relational database. The patent was issued in 1999, and obviously people were using objects to access databases since the 80's. ...

prior-art-request data-processing-database microsoft post-grant us5937402  
asked by Almoni 16 votes
answered by Rudi Angela 8 votes
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