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Top new questions this week:

Is the phrase "none or more" acceptable in a USPTO patent claim?

The Examiner has objected to three of the claims in a patent application I have filed, due to the presence of the phrase "none or more" and requires it to be corrected to "one or more". The claim is ...

asked by Keir Finlow-Bates 2 votes
answered by Eric Shain 4 votes

Options for commercializing a concept already covered by patent?

Over time I have developed a process and system for performing a core task in my field. The system is genuinely revolutionary, reducing the time required to perform the work by a factor of between ...

uspto international  
asked by user325826 1 vote
answered by Eric Shain 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the role of dependent claims?

I am very new to filing patents, What is the role of dependent claims? Couldn't I just have one claim with any details required? What is the difference in haveing one, two, or ten claims? When I ...

patent-infringement claims claim-construction  
asked by Ahmad 8 votes
answered by vallismortis 6 votes

Pitch Detection - Power Spectral Estimator to Tune Musical Instruments (Overtone Labs, Inc) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON pitch detection - This issued patent from Overtone Labs seeks to patent the idea of...pitch detection for resonance tuning of a musical instrument. 10 minutes of your time can ...

prior-art-request post-grant us8502060  
asked by Aron Stein 9 votes
answered by Robert Tesla III 7 votes

Download progress animation (Nintendo) - Allowed Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Information App Number: 13/297,604 Publication Number: US 20120120094 A1 - Patent Allowed May 15, 2013 Assignee: Nintendo Co., Ltd. Prior Art Cutoff Date: predating November 17, 2010 Summary: A ...

prior-art-request post-grant animation us20120120094 nintendo  
asked by PHOSITA 10 votes
answered by jom 10 votes

Can a sci-fi technology be submitted as prior art?

In response to a question related to multi-touch user interfaces this answer states: Prior art as published Multi-touch computer pads were used throughout the television show Star Trek: The ...

prior-art science-fiction  
asked by Ondrej Tucny 35 votes
answered by Andrew Steer 32 votes

What is a continuation patent?

I understand that a continuation patent builds upon an existing patent (or application) by the same inventor. However, I find some aspects to be murky and prone to misuse. Specific questions follow: ...

prior-art patent-misuse claims continuation  
asked by Ron J. 10 votes
answered by Ron J. 5 votes

Prior art for Apple's Magsafe

Having read through the claims of Magsafe patent #7311526, I am not sure how it differs from previous examples of magnetic power connectors. What exactly is the novelty being claimed in that ...

patentability apple novelty us7311526  
asked by Jess 16 votes
answered by vt. 11 votes

How do you determine a patent expiration date?

How can I determine the lifetime of a patent? For example, how can I tell when Patent US 7,055,282 B2 expires?

patent-lifetime expiration us7055282  
asked by Zac 15 votes
answered by George White 11 votes
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