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Top new questions this week:

Can I begin sale after a provisional and before a PCT without losing IP rights?

I recently filed a provisional application. The invention is in a late stage of development in terms of bringing to market. So my question is if I were to begin sale before a PCT is filed, but within ...

pct provisional priority  
asked by Chris 1 vote
answered by George White 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Microsoft have submitted a patent for a whack to silence a phone ringer. How similar does prior art have to be?

Microsoft has filed for a patent on a new technique that allow users of mobile devices to silence them by delivering a firm whack. From The Register: Patent application 20120231838, aka CONTROLLING ...

prior-art us20120231838 telecommunications user-interface  
asked by Rory Alsop 47 votes
answered by D Smurfo 48 votes

I had invented and published before this patent application - How do I get it invalidated?

In reference to the patent: PCT/GB2014/051152 WO 2014/170646 A1 granted and pending patents: GB1307148.5, GB1500104.3 and GB1500105.0 to What3Words Limited: Here is the screenshot from the video I had ...

prior-art third-party-submission wo2014170646a1 gb1307148.5 us9883333b2  
asked by Ujjwal Singh 17 votes
answered by Alex Delin 2 votes

Want to leave my job, but have a patent pending for work I did while working at that corporation

I have a patent pending for something I invented while working for my current employer. A provisional and final patent application has been filed with me listed as sole inventor, working through the ...

asked by user14094 3 votes
answered by Atsby 3 votes

How many patents does Oracle Corporation own (including all acquired companies)?

How many patents does Oracle Corporation own (including all subsidiaries, like Sun Microsystems etc)? And is there any recent patenting policy, I was only able to find 1994th patent policy statement.

patent-search oracle  
asked by Ilya Cherevkov 4 votes
answered by Micah Siegel 4 votes

What is family-to-family citations and how is it different from patent-to-patent citations?

I am working on Patent Ranking project where I need to consider patent citations as one of the metric. I cant find the definition of family-to-family citations. And how is it different from patent-to-...

citation statistics  
asked by mayautobot 2 votes
answered by DonQuiKong 4 votes


HELP SAVE HOME AUDIO - This application from Creative Labs seeks to patent the general idea of a self-calibrating audio systems! Help narrow US patent applications before they become patents.... HERE! ...

prior-art-request pre-grant us20130051572 speaker-calibration  
asked by user4068 7 votes
answered by Phonon 5 votes

Enhancing Wireless Mesh Networking (GE) - Patent Application – PRIOR ART REQUEST

HELP SAVE MESH NETWORKING —This application from General Electric seeks to patent a system for extending the range of communication for low rate wireless mesh networks. Help narrow US patent ...

prior-art-request pre-grant mesh-networking wireless us20120326927  
asked by Julie Samuels 8 votes
answered by John Dalton 4 votes
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