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How do I use tags?

Every Ask Patents question is required to have at least one tag. Tags are how we group, order, and find questions, so that users can search for specific question types.

So, if you’re only interested in questions that relate to software, you can simply search the site for software.

But how do you determine which tags are correct for your question?

First, 3 Rules:

  • If you mention a US or EPO patent in your question, include its patent number as a tag with "US" or "EP" at the front. For example, use tag us7222078 for US Patent 7222078.
  • If you mention a patent application in your question, include its publication number as a tag
  • If you seek or propose prior art in your question, include the tag prior-art

Otherwise, tagging is up to you.

But we have a few suggestions...

  • Include the inventor or assignee as a tag if you think that information is relevant to your question

  • Include the class or subclass of the invention or inventions mentioned in your question

  • Include the tag [USPTO] if your question pertains to the way the US Patent & Trademark Office issues patents

  • Include the tag [software] if you are asking about a software patent. Include the tag [fishing-lures] if you are asking about a fishing lure patent. Include the tag that you think most intuitively describes the patent or application mentioned in your question.

  • Include the tag that you want your question to be associated with. This will help others with similar interests find and answer your question.

Questions can include a maximum of 5 tags. Combine multiple words into a single tag with dashes.