I asked this question and it seems there divisional applications can have the same detailed description.

I know that before the patent is issued, I can file another application claim priority date of the first application, e.g. continuation or divisional.

What I am trying to do is filing a application with multiple unrelated inventions (see the image below). I will pursue an invention but repeat the whole detailed description about multiple invention. While I pursue one invention, I will try to find commercial potential of other inventions. If another invention has commercial potential, I will file continuation application about it. It seems this will be perfectly legal.

As an independent inventor, I hope that strategy will reduce cost, as I only pursue just one invention instead of pursuing multiple ones at the same time. But in practice, they are unrelated inventions, so can I file continuation application like that? enter image description here


A less strange way of doing this would be to put them all in one provisional application, and within a year filing a provisional describing and claiming invention 1. It would incorporate the whole provisional by reference. A continuation of that application could claim priority chained back to the provisional. I think it should work but if the inventions were completely unrelated I wouldn't recommend doing it.

  • Why wouldn't you recommend it? Since it is legal it must be accepted. Or do you think my method is better for unrelated inventions? Nov 18 '14 at 15:01
  • 1
    Doing something extremely unusual that is untested in the courts in order to achieve a small cost savings is not very safe.
    – George White
    Nov 18 '14 at 18:17

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