How do I find all patents citing a certain article using the Derwent Innovations Index / Web of Science?

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I'm guessing there is some way to do this with Google Scholar, but haven't discovered it yet. If you try The Lens, you can do something close by searching on a term relevant to the article you are looking for and then trying to find the article in the "Cited Articles" option and selecting it. enter image description here

In addition, there seems to be a new capability at The Lens called PatCite. According to that page:

Using this toolkit you can track, filter, sort, and link scholarly articles that are cited in patents, examine the citing patents, and discover new partners and collaborators. Influence Mapping provides an evidence base to guide decision-making and enables improved public policies and institutional practices.

I haven't used this capability, but it looks promising.


I recently came across a beautiful public tool which shows patents (currently indexed) citing research article. I have not tested in details but seems to work for me. I also believe it doesnot list all the patents but nice way to start.

this requires following steps:-

  1. Search your citation in NCBI PUBMED.
  2. Locate the reference in list of result.
  3. open the article landing page.
  4. Go to bottom LinkOut section.
  5. Check if 'Cited by Patents in - The Lens' is present.

If yes then voila you follow the link and it will list all the patents citing that specific research article.

enter image description here

  • That's just for medical papers, though, and it doesn't involve the Derwent Patent Index.
    – Geremia
    Nov 4, 2015 at 4:02

Citation databases make it possible to search cited references; that is, they search for references that are listed in the bibliographies of research publications. In here, users can follow a particular cited reference, or cited author, forward in time to find other articles that have also cited that author or work.

  • How I can access Citation databases?
    – Pol99
    Nov 27, 2014 at 1:21
  • To cite a work from a periodical in an online database, such as an article, a review, an editorial, or a letter to the editor, begin the entry with relevant facts about the print publication and include the following items in sequence: Title of the database (italicized) Medium of publication consulted (Web) Date of access (day, month, and year) Nov 27, 2014 at 6:11

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