I would like help finding prior art for WO2014035410A1.

This patent (filed Aug 30, 2012) describes using feature switches to toggle software features:

The global feature library includes a feature switch for each of the plurality of features. ... The feature switch includes a feature value that turns a feature associated with the feature switch on and off based on a global value rule.

This seems like a standard industry practice well before the filing date, so I would like to document examples of prior art.

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    Mar 12, 2015 at 20:24

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I've found several good examples already, simply from the Wikipedia entry for "feature toggle":

There is a Flickr blog post from 2009: Flipping Out

Martin Fowler in 2010: FeatureToggle

And another from Disqus in 2010: Partial Deployment with Feature Switches

All these seem indicate that this was a wide-spread industry practice well before the 2012 filing date.


Following arts are already known for this patent application:-

  1. WO1999060487 System and methods for object-oriented control of diverse electromechanical systems using a computer network
  2. US20120191760 System and method for generating automatic user interface for arbitrarily complex or large databases
  3. US20080295045 Method for Creating Hdl Description Files of Digital Systems, and Systems Obtained
  4. US20090319472 Event based organization and access of digital photos

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