In reference to the patent: EP1807053A1

What is the expiration date of this patent?

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According European Patent convention expiry of European patent if it is not withdrawn, abandoned, revoked or lapsed is 20 year from filing date; it can be extended by contracting state;

Article 63[ 53 ] Term of the European patent

Art. 2

(1) The term of the European patent shall be 20 years from the date of filing of the application. 

(2) Nothing in the preceding paragraph shall limit the right of a Contracting State to extend the term of a European patent, or to grant corresponding protection which follows immediately on expiry of the term of the patent, under the same conditions as those applying to national patents:

European patent status can be quickly seen at EPO register. through direct link given on Google Patents (see below image); or by using search page European Patent Register

Form example query application was withdrawn hence not active.

enter image description here

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