Shouldn't an obvious prior art of this claim be any smart phone / mobile phone with video screen, speaker and a port which load images for display?

What is claimed is:

  1. An electronic media production system comprising:

    modules, each including: a presentation system including one or more of a speaker and a video screen; a port; and one or more connectors; and

    actuators, each actuator, in use, being coupled without soldering to a respective connector,

    wherein, in use, the presentation system of each module operates in response to the actuator or actuators coupled to said each module, the presentation system:

         if the presentation system includes the speaker, producing sounds derived from data obtained via the port; and

        if the presentation system includes the video screen, displaying images derived from data obtained via the port.

In reference to the patent: US8964397

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I can't say whether or not the invention is novel or non-obvious, but from Public Pair it seems the point of differentiation over the prior art the Examiner found was in the actuator and in particular how the actuator was attached to the respective connector.

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