There is an incredibly useful device that is used in capsule endoscopy.

I am curious to know whether such a device is already patented, as they cannot be purchased and neither do I have physical access to a medical professional which does.

The device features a miniature camera, LED lights and a storage device, all fitted in a compact capsule casing, small enough to safely pass through your digestive tract.

How to search such patents any quick methods?


Normal keyword search of "capsule endoscopy" in Google patent will provide you good source of patent list. On quick reference I found "Recent Patents on Wireless Capsule Endoscopy" which will be of more useful to you.

  • Well, I have to admit I had no prior knowledge that querying for patents was this easy--quite embarrassing. Thank you for redacting the question and improving it's relevancy. Apr 1 '15 at 17:47

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