How is the patent in question more better and novel as compared to the prior arts?

In reference to the patent: WO2000034241A1

  • It sounds like you may have something in mind? Is there a specific piece of prior art that you'd like contrasted against this application? Note that whatever you find will likely have to be from before around 1998. Commented Apr 6, 2015 at 8:45

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I think below articles are good prior-arts

Pyrrolidides: synthesis and structure-activity relationship as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV

2-cyanopyrrolidides as potent, stable inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV


There is a very similar German patent which has been filed on 2 May 1991 and granted on 29 April 1993: DE 41 14 268 C2.

Another German patent was filed on 6 July 1994 and granted on 1 September 1995: DE4423822 C1.

There was also a presentation at a conference: W.K. Schomburg, M. Vitt, W. Bacher, M.W. Börner, W. Menz "Measurements of Physical Parameters with Ultrasound and Microdiaphragms" Oral presentation and Proceedings of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems '95, 29 Jan. -2 Feb. 1995 in Amsterdam (1995) 139 - 144.

Even earlier there was a presentation at another conference and published in a journal: M.W. Börner, S. zur Horst-Meyer, M.C. Murphy, H.-J. Münch, W.K. Schomburg, M. Vitt, "Ultrasonic Measurements With Micromembranes", EUROSENSORS VIII in Toulouse (1994) and Sensors and Actuators A 46 - 47 (1995) 62 - 65.

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