How is the patent in question more better and novel as compared to the prior arts?

In reference to the patent: WO2000034241A1

  • It sounds like you may have something in mind? Is there a specific piece of prior art that you'd like contrasted against this application? Note that whatever you find will likely have to be from before around 1998. Apr 6, 2015 at 8:45

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I think below articles are good prior-arts

Pyrrolidides: synthesis and structure-activity relationship as inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV

2-cyanopyrrolidides as potent, stable inhibitors of dipeptidyl peptidase IV


There is a very similar German patent which has been filed on 2 May 1991 and granted on 29 April 1993: DE 41 14 268 C2.

Another German patent was filed on 6 July 1994 and granted on 1 September 1995: DE4423822 C1.

There was also a presentation at a conference: W.K. Schomburg, M. Vitt, W. Bacher, M.W. Börner, W. Menz "Measurements of Physical Parameters with Ultrasound and Microdiaphragms" Oral presentation and Proceedings of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems '95, 29 Jan. -2 Feb. 1995 in Amsterdam (1995) 139 - 144.

Even earlier there was a presentation at another conference and published in a journal: M.W. Börner, S. zur Horst-Meyer, M.C. Murphy, H.-J. Münch, W.K. Schomburg, M. Vitt, "Ultrasonic Measurements With Micromembranes", EUROSENSORS VIII in Toulouse (1994) and Sensors and Actuators A 46 - 47 (1995) 62 - 65.

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