I was tracking US 7,985,418 claiming sevelamer compositions.

On 30th August on regular update in Pair I have seen status as "patent expired on 21.04.2014 due to nonpayment of maintenance fees".

Again on November 4th patent is still alive.

I don't have any screen shots to prove this case.

Will it be possible to track such issues with USPTO PAIR?

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If patent is lapsed due to non-payment of Maintenance fee one can revive it filing a Petition See Earlier answer Failure to pay maintenance fees

Now Such Petition is Hard to track As I see no option to find this information on PAIR. If a Petition is filed it is the matter between Patent office and applicant Ideally It should be made available via Transaction History of USPTO PAIR, but unfortunately its not.

Any ways the hard way is to weekly check for petition decided in said revival time frame. One need to browse USPTO Official Gazette Notices Section and further " Notice of Expiration of Patents Due to Failure to Pay Maintenance Fee" and " Patents Reinstated Due to the Acceptance of a Late Maintenance Fee from...."

enter image description here

Another quick way to do it using Google Advance search on USPTO OFFICIAL GAZETTE.

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