In reference to the patent: US4737638

How can I find out how many people have requested copies of this patent? I would like to contact them to determine if there is market interest in this method of isotope purification.


Thank you for asking an interesting question.

In general there is no particular or specific way to know who has downloaded or accessed patent. I really don't have clear idea if any log is kept for download counter but that would be a number itself not person specific.

If a certified copy of patent is asked from patent office then definitely one can get this information from patent office. I guess it would be limited and most of the time such copies are taken only by applicant itself.

To a further extent I feel one can find out through indirect correlation that who else is interested or in same filed by using Citation search like in this patent you can open it in Espacenet and check forward citation 1, 2, 3 which will guide you to persons or atleast give you a way to dig more information.

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