In reference to the patent: CA2861405A1

Is this a granted patent? Has Econovate ltd. any granted patent?


If you look at the Google Patents page for that patent, you will see a "PCT number" (Patent Cooperation Treaty). That means it was filed as an international patent (the original document is the one with a publication number like 'WOxxxxxxxxxA1', in this case WO 2013/117929 A1, and the information on national status will be on the WIPO site (Patentscope). Click on the 'National phase' tab to find the status of the patent in all countries:

Office                  Entry Date  National Number  National Status
Canada                  15.07.2014  2861405  
European Patent Office  11.07.2014  2013705238       Published: 17.12.2014

You can also view the status of the Canadian publication on the "Admin status" page at CIPO.

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