My kid (14 years old) is pretty innovative and has a great idea that he wants to write a patent for -- himself.

I know enough about patents to know that he probably can't do a good enough job himself to file a patent that can offer much protection, however, I want him to do it just for the learning experience of it. It doesn't cost much to file.

My question though is: is there a lower age limit for filing? Can someone under the age of majority file a patent? (Jurisdiction is the USA.)


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There are no age requirements for patents, because technically only the TRUE INVENTOR can apply for a patent. If you filed for a patent under your name and later it was discovered your son was the inventor, there would be legal consequences.

Your son can very likely write a pretty good application with a little help. You need this book: Patent It Yourself

It is absolutely fantastic! Good luck to you son!

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