In reference to the patent: US20100122390


First, note the publication type is application, not patent.

To see the status of the application, you can go to USPTO PAIR, put in the application number "20100122390", select the "Publication Number" radio button, and select "Search".

The application went through several rejections and amendment. On 2010-10-12, a final rejection was issued. On 2011-09-05, the application was deemed abandoned due to failure to respond to the last rejection.

If you select the Image File Wrapper tab, you can retrieve text of the last rejection, The examiner cited patent application 2006/0090249 by Rodriguez and application 2007/0250978 by Peterson as prior art, and concluded the amended claims were unpatentable under U.S.C. 103(a).

If you want to know if your creation infringes on any patent, you should check the patent application cited by the examiner.

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